Water Efficient Cleaning Systems for the Food Processing Industry

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Euro Pumps

Europumps are a designer, manufacturer and supplier of Water Efficient cleaning systems for the Food Processing Industry. Euro Pumps process of continued improvement through research and development has made us specialists in the design, manufacture, installation, service and support of innovative cleaning solutions for Abattoirs, Horticulture, small goods and food processing plants.

Our projects are to develop water saving, by replacing the existing low pressure, high water volume wash systems on CIP & wash down systems with a high pressure, low water volume wash system.

Euro Pumps CIP & Washing Systems are Australian Made and Custom Built to individual customer specifications. We identify what you need out of a system, and then design around that, ensuring you get a fit for purpose system tailored for you using as minimal water as possible. Some of our projects qualify for R&D as our systems are very specific for individual customer requirements.

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