Dualquat QAC Surface Sanitiser

Dualquat QAC Surface Sanitiser

Dualquat Surface Sanitiser 1ltrDualquat is a dual chain quaternary sanitiser providing effective microbial control in a wide variety of food processing operations.


Dualquat provides a residual antimicrobial action that continues to work on surfaces well after application. Dualquat can be used on plant equipment, walls and floors, and in foot baths where staining is to be avoided. Active against bacteria and effective in the control of yeasts and moulds, Dualquat is a truly versatile sanitiser.


  • Completely safe to use on all surfaces
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive and odourless
  • Suitable for both hot and cold applications
  • Helps to eliminate objectionable odours
  • Helps to control and reduce micro bacterial growth


Apply diluted product to cleaned, well drained surfaces. Do not rinse off well drained food contact surfaces where dilution is 200ppm or below. If used above 200ppm on a food contact surface, a potable rinse must occur after application.


For Food Contact surfaces:

  • Do not exceed 200ppm on a well drained surface in a red meat export establishment.
  • Seafood/Poultry – suitable for a no rinse application up to 400ppm
For Non-Food Contact surfaces:
  • Use between 200 – 400ppm
Foot Baths:
  • Use between 1000 – 1500ppm