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About Euro Pumps


Euro Pumps are a designer, manufacturer and supplier of Water Efficient cleaning systems for the Food Processing Industry. We have been developing specialised cleaning systems since 1996, when we traded under the name of Field Contracting Pty Ltd. In our earlier years we supplied small pressure cleaners used in boning rooms at sausage manufacturers and other small goods factories.

Over years of working closely with factory staff and managers, we discovered that one of their biggest problems was the inadequacy of cleaning in place (CIP) systems on most factory equipment. These systems simply could not provide sufficiently high standards of cleanliness in the short amount of time between production runs. In response to our customers needs, we started designing our own equipment range. We began by producing oven-cleaning equipment to improve on the levels of cleanliness achieved by regular CIP systems.

By 2000, we had developed the expertise and high efficiency methods to clean entire cook rooms — including belts, ovens, steam chambers, and meat pumps. Our four-hour cleaning cycle is specifically designed to accommodate long production runs, and to optimise water, power, and chemical consumption.

This process of continued growth through research and development has made us specialists in the design, manufacture, installation, service and support of innovative cleaning solutions for Abattoirs, small goods manufacturing and other food processing plants.

With our cook room cleaning system, what used to take a crew of five people eight hours to complete, thanks to our system and knowledge, can now be accomplished by two operators in just four hours!

Our personal experience as an industrial contract cleaning company provides us with a unique insight and appreciation of the challenges factory managers face. This enables our in-house engineers to provide custom-built solutions that clean to AQIS and export standards, while optimising water, power, and chemical savings, reducing the size of cleaning crews and increasing productivity by minimising cleaning time between production runs.



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