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A complete cleaning solution top smSRT mobile cleaning platform

It washes, it foams & it sanitises - A complete cleaning solution

Euro Pumps continues to radically improving our SRT Mobile Cleaning Platform even further with our latest models running reliably at 82 degrees (abattoir hot) @ 50L-min for hours at a time, which has never been possible anywhere before. Combine that with additional safety and maintenance features like oil pressure, input flow sensors, automatic phase reversal with PLC to create what we believe is the best wash and foam trolley anywhere in the world.  There is the option of adding time saving CIP spray bars and high-pressure rotors, It can even be connected to power a tub & crate washer!. If you would like to talk to one of the engineers about the Euro Pumps mobile cleaning platform or how any of our CIP systems can be customised to suit your individual needs call us today.

Download Euro Pumps EP50 75.SRT Mobile Cleaning Platform 4 page BrochureFeatures

  • It washes, it foams and sanitises
  • Runs 82 degrees (abattoir hot) @ 50L-min
  • Inbuilt PLC with Oil pressure, Input flow/No flow sensors
  • It has enough power to clean drains, chimneys, chutes, floors (with floor cleaner), roofs, chillers and refrigeration units.
  • It can drive tub & crate washers or optional CIP spray bars and rotors.
  • No compressed air needed

Yes that's a big claim, but as a professional cleaning company & hands on cleaners for 20 years we have seen how this machine works & the results it delivers. We are now consulting on improving cleaning operations, visiting plants that I have known for years, offering advice on refining the cleaning cycle while improving the quality & lowering costs. This hands-on experience has given us an extremely accurate measurement of just how much our products and techniques have improved. We've consulted, trialled, and cleaned at abattoirs around Australia, using both our equipment and other brands. But I've never had an exact way to compare the increasing efficiency of our products.




Ask About Rent To Buy FinanceYour Euro Pumps EP50-75.SRT  mobile cleaning platform arrives ready to go to work with all hoses and attachments

Your Euro Pumps EP50-75.SRT mobile cleaning platform arrives ready to go to work with all hoses and attachments.

EP 50 75 SRT Euro Pumps Wash Trolley Control Panel

 Euro Pumps EP50-75.SRT is a smarter platform that allows you to clean faster, with better flow and at higher temperatures.
It is fitted with a No-Water input sensor, Water output pressure sensor, Oil pressure sensor, Water temperature sensor.



Standard Old Foaming Vs Euro Pumps EP-50-75.SRT Mobile Cleaning Platform

RMF Snow chute

RMF Foaming

Chiller - 1st hose

Chiller - Foam with Topax 686

Chiller - Second final rinse

Chiller - Sanitise with Sanimaxx

Foam silver bins

EP 50 75.SRT Mobile Cleaning Unit Mk 4