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When was the last audit of your foaming system?

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If it has been a while, it would be a good idea to have your chemical calibration checked. Central foaming systems are convenient & save time within the cleaning cycle, but they become expensive if they are not calibrated & checked on a regular basis. What’s worse the chemicals can be corrosive and Contaminating (depending on the types of chemicals you are using); unnoticed leaks can quickly develop into a problem in your ceiling cavity. This leak must be spotted immediately to avoid contamination and damage finding its way into the factory or chillers. Regular foaming system checks will identify the wear & tear on the system piping before it turns into a problem. "

The other important factor to consider with a foaming system is the correct delivery pressure for foam and the surfaces to be cleaned. Proper foaming system checks will have the following advantages:

Cost efficient;

Cost efficient foaming pressure pays, If the pressure is too low foaming will be slow, costing time in application and use excessive chemical. Using the correct pressure will make foaming a time efficient and easy step of the cleaning cycle.

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Full factory Coverage;

If you use the correct pressure for foaming, the chemical can reach all areas of the factory. Using the correct chemical dosage is vital to clean properly. Correct pressure allows you to reach high and hidden areas like air con units, extraction chutes, air vents, ceilings etc. High areas are a major source of recurring contamination as they cannot be reached with low pressure and then become a big job that’s not done frequently enough and then needs to be ‘fit in’ on weekends or outside the usual cleaning window due to lack of time.

Prevent protein buildup;

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Proper foaming & cleaning will produce good microbiological results. If your over heads & air are clean, then your surfaces and surroundings are cleaner, so your microbiological results will be good. In order to get correct microbiological results, it’s important to understand “the quality of air” and “surrounding areas” is vital to the success of your cleaning cycle.

Euro Pumps offer a range of fixed or mobile foaming systems that will reach 6m ceilings in chillers and production areas as well as power our cost effective pipe and drain cleaners.

If you feel that your foaming system or results could improve please give me a call on 0409 123 850, we would be happy to offer advice.

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