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FREE Water Use Assessment

free water use assessment

We believe in our products so much that we offer to come to you, measure your water use and provide you with a written assessment and solution report.

Many of Australia's largest food production companies have taken advantage of a Euro Pumps water assessment report with some companies reporting reductions of up to 92% in water use!. Ask to see a PDF copy of Melbourne Water’s independent report. As you can imagine this translates into real savings with system pay backs once installed in weeks rather than years.

Euro Pumps is Australia's leading manufacturer, supplier and integrator of complete end to end cleaning solutions with typical systems saving up to 200KL per day. Euro Pumps has systems in place with food processors Australia wide.

Call Jo Field on 0409 123 850 to find out about your free water use assessment and just how much water you can save.

* This offer is dependent on our engineers location and availability, remote locations may require scheduling