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FREE Medium Pressure Wash and Foam Information


With the help of our suppliers, Euro Pumps have put together an information pack on medium pressure wash and foam systems. If you’re considering improving your hygiene situation it’s seriously worth a read.

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It covers many areas including, Cleaning & sanitizing food processing equipment, Centralized and Decentralized Low pressure foaming systems using Compressed air, understanding Flow rates, nozzle sizes and combinations. Euro Pumps has also included a selection of Foaming tools and accessories with a 2 story Wash gun drop test to underline just how tough these guns are.

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We have also included information on the concept colour-coding of maintenance and sanitation equipment for improved internal hygiene control. Colour-coded plant cleaning tools is becoming a certification requirement in the EU and will make it easier to maintain their HACCP and quality management systems and comply with internal/external hygiene audits.

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We have also included information on the ST-3225, the all New Spray Gun for the Food Industry. The ST-3225 perfectly combines the ergonomic and fluidic advantages of a ball valve with the user safety and potential for saving water of a dry-shut spray gun. Handling the ST-3225 is made as ergonomic as possible due to the natural position of the hand at the valve control and by the by very low opening and holding forces.

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If you need an upgrade your Cleaning & sanitizing, to improve your medium pressure wash and foam system, or if you simply would like to know more about any Euro Pumps product, please contact Jo Field, Euro Pumps Product Development and Training manager on 0409 123 850.