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The Next level of swabs, is fast RNA testing

Next level of swabs is fast RNA testing

Euro Pumps is excited to be on the short list to acquire one of the first GeneCount™ RNA-Based testing system arriving in Australia.  This revolutionary new system will make it so much faster and easier to count, specify and target not just Novel Coronavirus but many other types of organisms found on surfaces, biofilms, solids and in water.  We will have the ability to run analysis on samples and view the results in under 2 hours and while onsite!  Allowing for faster process changes, correction and treatment decisions based on almost instant feedback. Because there is no need to get samples back to a lab for testing, the potential for product loss or contamination is significantly reduced.  

Each swab test takes Approximately 15 minutes to perform and you can run multiple samples at a time - up to 6 simultaneous tests, plus a control sample with proven reproducibility of obtained results.

Run analysis, review the results,
and make immediate treatment decisions
in approximately 2 hours, while onsite.


LuminUltra In Field qPCR cropped 300x2342xThe advantage with RNA solutions

The advantage with RNA solutions is that you can target microorganisms of interest and see what quantity are present in the sample. Giving everyone involved exponentially more information, which is vital to Managers, cleaners and plant operators seeking to better manage their hygiene processes, so you can see the cause and effect relationships and eliminate unwanted microbes in your systems. 

Current methods only confirm that you had a problem whenever the test was taken (typically days ago), and now you have two problems, firstly the unwanted microbes and the REAL PROBLEM all of the product that has been produced since.

Faster testing results = saving time & money.  




LuminUltra GeneCount Kit App min 250x250Euro Pumps is looking forward to helping our clients quickly identify and solve contamination problems when they arise, not days later.

As always Euro Pumps is always working on ways to saves you money and helping to keep your systems running smoothly.