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Melbourne’s City West Water Customer Case Study

The Euro Pumps unique Evisceration Table CIP System has made an impact on the Melbourne Abattoir and Food Processing scene, with one of our customers having their story told in the latest issue of the City West Water Liquid Assets publication.

JBS Australia's Brooklyn site is situated right in the hustle and bustle of Melbourne suburbia. One of the unfortunate by products of this location is high costs of water and trade waste. This is a highly motivating factor to identify areas to save on water consumption, and as such that's what JBS Brooklyn Environmental Manager Hector Burton set out to do.

This is where Euro Pumps comes into the picture. Having the knowledge that our system was being successfully installed into Abattoirs, JBS Brooklyn decided that this was a system they needed to investigate.

Euro Pumps visited site, and carried out a thorough site assessment, including capturing water consumption data on the Evisceration Tables and the Shackling Table. The outcome of this assessment confirmed JBS's suspicions that they were using a substantial amount of water to do this cleaning task.

Excessive water usage on these types of equipment is certainly not something unique to the JBS Brooklyn site, as all Abattoirs that have a traditional CIP set up will also be using excessively high amounts of water.

As stated in the Liquid Assets story – "we were using around 450,000 litres of water per day". Once the Euro Pumps CIP systems were installed and commissioned "Immediately, the water saving was obvious with the daily water usage dropping by approximately 300,000 litres, which works out to a 67% reduction in water use for this part of their operation. The payback of the system is less than 12 months".

We are very proud to have had such a positive impact for our customers, and this story is a testament to the reality of what our unique systems and designs actually achieve.

Don't delay any longer.... Contact Euro Pumps Engineering for a site assessment and get on the path to saving water now and for the future.  Call our product development and training manager Joanne Field on 0409 123 850