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Supafin Seafood Case Study

Imaging cleaning 100's of fish crates per hour, to export quality standard using only cold water and almost no chemical. Well Supafin Seafood can.

Supafin Seafood's, a Queensland processor, wholesaler and exporter of multi species seafood, is a supplier to major supermarket chains around Australia as well as export markets throughout Europe, Japan, and the US.

A truly vertically integrated company, Supafin has grown over the last 12 years to over 120 Staff and multiple locations. Supafin continues to focus on maintaining quality all the way down the production line using its own fleet of vessels, refrigerated warehouses, processing facilities and delivery vehicles,to ensure total end-to-end quality control.

The commissioning of the new Euro Pumps multi-use cleaning system at Supafin's main processing facility at Lytton, further boosts production efficiency and hygiene.

Euro Pumps multi-use cleaning system cleans crates, provides post process cleaning, high pressure floor cleaning for high traffic, truck and forklift loading areas, Bulk bins and is even used on the delivery fleet.

The most impressive result was how visibly the crates continuing to improve with each production cycle.

With Seafood product quality and hygiene reliably is critically important and by installing the Euro Pumps equipment Supafin Seafood has further lifted its standards.

The value and return on the Euro Pumps investmentsince commissioning has been outstanding, with Supafin continuing to find new and time saving ways to use their Euro Pumps system.