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New and Replacement Water Proof Etched Labels

etched labels1

Take advantage of our etched labels which are rust proof & chemical resistant. Euro Pumps came about designing & implementing these labels to solve a problem within our cleaning environment: stickers ge ing damaged due to the cleaning environment day after day which a sticker will never withstand long term.

After investigating the material of the sticker & following the stickers closely on a daily checks basis, we learnt that a stronger material was required. Due to safety issues of missing stickers & the cost factor of replacing stickers regularly we did a trial in a cook room with caustic, steam & high pressure with hot water.

After passing the tests of environment & time, the labels lasted years & eliminated the head ache of replacing stickers regularly. It also reduced the costs of purchasing stickers to replace the damaged ones.

Call Jo Field on 0409 123 850 to find out more about these labels. Artwork is at no charge.

etched labels2