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Euro Pumps Central Plant Cleaning System

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Euro Pumps, JUPITER CPC Central Plant Cleaning System, is a major improvement on current systems, consistent plant wide water pressure, with central or local chemical and sanitising distribution options, fast changes between the wide range of Euro Pumps wash tools and accessories with the ability to run up to 82°c in sync with your plant.

Leaking Guns a Problem in Your Plant? Result in Increased Water Costs



Preasure: Max 210bar

Flow: 30lpm

Rating: 100°C

Inlet: M22 M

Outlet: M22 M

Repair kits available



Preasure: Max 210bar

Flow: 30lpm

Rating: 150°C

Inlet: M22 M

Outlet: M22 M

Repair kits available

Every drop off water lost is a cost to business & an important natural resource that we need to be wise with. Therefore water leaks within a factory environment need to be kept at minimum, as one small leak dripping 24/7 will add up to a large cost in a very short time.

New and Replacement Water Proof Etched Labels

etched labels1

Take advantage of our etched labels which are rust proof & chemical resistant. Euro Pumps came about designing & implementing these labels to solve a problem within our cleaning environment: stickers ge ing damaged due to the cleaning environment day after day which a sticker will never withstand long term.

Save Over 250KL of Water Per Day

Yes over 250kl a day is A LOT of water but, a single Euro Pumps CIP system worldwide typically achieves this efficiency day in and day out. Add Euro Pumps multi-tasking stations and you could save considerably more.  Euro Pumps systems have been Independently client verified repeatedly with water assessments reporting water savings of 250KL per day or better at abattoirs, small goods manufacturing and food processing plants throughout Australia.

Supafin Seafood Case Study

Imaging cleaning 100's of fish crates per hour, to export quality standard using only cold water and almost no chemical. Well Supafin Seafood can.

Supafin Seafood's, a Queensland processor, wholesaler and exporter of multi species seafood, is a supplier to major supermarket chains around Australia as well as export markets throughout Europe, Japan, and the US.

Melbourne’s City West Water Customer Case Study

The Euro Pumps unique Evisceration Table CIP System has made an impact on the Melbourne Abattoir and Food Processing scene, with one of our customers having their story told in the latest issue of the City West Water Liquid Assets publication.

JBS Australia's Brooklyn site is situated right in the hustle and bustle of Melbourne suburbia. One of the unfortunate by products of this location is high costs of water and trade waste. This is a highly motivating factor to identify areas to save on water consumption, and as such that's what JBS Brooklyn Environmental Manager Hector Burton set out to do.

Using a Euro Pumps Cleaning Program a large Australian food processor

  • Reduced labour by 75%! - from a 22 person 8 hour shift (176hr’s) to a 11 person 4 hour shift (44hrs), to clean the same 1700sq/m Factory!
  • Reduced Water by 55%! - Reduced water consumption from 250k/lt to 100k/lt per/ night
  • Reduced Chemicals use by 30%!
  • 20% more Production Time - The faster cleaning cycle means that 20% more time is available for production.

Euro Pumps were engaged to provide a cleaning program that reduced production downtime
due to cleaning. Originally this facilities cleaning program used 23 staff across an 8 hour
cleaning window. The Euro Pumps cleaning program uses only 11 staff across a 4 hour
cleaning cycle, which delivered not only a reduction of 12 labour units, but it also provided 4
more hours of production time EVERYDAY.

Euro Pumps Set a Staggering New Benchmark!

Euro Pumps have entered the Seedling/ Horticultural market with a dazzling display of process improvement and cost reduction.

A large commercial supplier of vegetable seedlings engaged the services of Euro Pumps Engineering to assess their Cleaning & Sanitation section for an upgrade. Our initial assessment of their existing setup revealed the need for replacement of the tray washing infrastructure. However, due to our thorough approach to our facility assessments, upon further scrutiny of the extended process of the tray cleaning, it was identified that there was a
possibility of not improving but eliminating another process that took place before the actual washing of the trays.

Great News for Abattoirs

This good news story for the Processing Industry was featured in Beef Central News
Headlines on 6/6/13- Article written by Jon Condon of Beef Central

Technology: Novel cleaning
system delivers big water savings for processors

The installation of a new by-products area cleaning system is delivering dramatic
water savings that will total almost one megalitre per day, together with
improved labour and energy efficiencies for a large Queensland processing

Euro Pumps Engineering has developed a range of high-efficiency abattoir
Clean-in-Place (CIP) systems designed specifically for evisceration tables,
head and offal pans, bleed tables and the boning area.

4 considerations when choosing an industrial tub cleaning system

There are many important factors when it comes to choosing an industrial crate washing or tub cleaning system. Of course, you want the machine to be robust, easy to use and energy efficient. But, just as importantly, it needs to enable your staff to achieve optimum results QUICKLY. Because when it comes to factory tub cleaning, time is money.

But what type of features should you look for in your speedy industrial tub cleaning system? We’ve put together a few guidelines...