Euro Pumps Products Overview

Euro Pumps Tub WasherCrate Washing Systems

Euro Pumps Crate Washing Systems are Australian designed, made and custom built to your individual needs and specifications. Euro Pumps take the time to identify your unique requirements and system needs, and then design around those specification, ensuring you get a fit for purpose system tailored for you, that cleans effectively and saves both time and water. The main feature is the water savings and quality of clean; Euro Pumps systems are capable of cleaning up to 1200 crates (or tubs, trays, boards) per hour, whilst still maintaining the highest quality clean. - Read more


Euro Pumps Cutting Board WasherCutting Board Systems

Euro Pumps Cutting Board Washing Systems are Australian made and custom built to individual customer specifications, with both lay flat and vertical systems available. Large production cutting boards covered with meat and blood are cleaned on both sides simultaneously in only a matter of seconds and the board requiring no further processing, making it ideas for mid shift washing or run offs. This will keep your boards in cleaner throughout your production run. Each system is specifically designed to suit your needs, ensuring you get a tailored fit for purpose system tailored for your needs. - Read more


Euro Pumps Contrashear CIPContrashear CIP upgrade

Euro pumps Contra Shear CIP upgrades are a proven and easy plug and play upgrade to your existing contra shear, with systems achieving 90 to 95% reductions in water use & almost a complete elimi-nation of manual spot cleaning. A Euro Pumps Contra Shear cleaning system will improve solids removal, output water quality, ensure a more consistent outflow rate, and reduce waste water treatment costs and best of all if you’re using potable or heated water a Euro Pumps system can generate a full return on your investment in only 18-30 weeks. - Read more


Euro Pumps CIP SystemCIP Cleaning Systems

Euro Pumps CIP cleaning systems are custom designed for Abattoirs, Food Processing Plants, Dairies, Beverage & Vegetables. Our proven CIP systems include: Evisceration Tables, Offal Pans, Plugging Tables, Shackle Belts, Boning Room Belts, Spiral Freezers, Belts, Ovens, Fryers, Bucket Elevator Cleaning Systems. Euro Pumps CIP systems bring huge cost benefits due to the drastic reductions in water consumption, water treatment, energy consumption and offers improved cleaning quality outcomes, reduced labour and chemical costs and improved microbial testing. - Read more


Euro Pumps Central Foaming
JUPITER Central System

Euro Pumps, JUPITER Central Plant Cleaning System, is a major improvement on current systems, offering consistent water pressure, central or local chemical and sanitising distribution options, fast change over between the wide range of Euro Pumps wash tools and accessories with the ability to run at up to 820c in sync with your plant. A JUPITER CPC system can be an integrated CIP plant during production, AND then be used to power the cleaning cycle, lowering water usages further. A JUPITER CPC system is strong to handle running hot & long hours so the customer can utilise the JUPITER as 2 systems: (1) As CIP during production & then (2) during the cleaning cycle. This will give you a faster ROI.  The Euro Pumps JUPITER solution, solves the many of the standard issues with Low-pressure cleaning and foaming systems, it eliminates sagging water pressure, pumps trips and faults. Your JUPITER Central Plant Cleaning System, will not only rinse, foam, disinfect and wash providing you with all the functions you need in one system. - Read more

Euro Pumps Smart sense
Europumps Smart Sense Control

Euro pumps SmartSense pump control software controls every Euro Pumps system, it provides significant cleaning and production efficiency advantages on top of significant water savings. This proven system, is so amazingly cost effective that the water savings can often provide a full return on your investment in weeks rather than years. - Read more

Euro Pumps FLX hi pressureFLX High-Pressure Trolley

The new FLX High-Pressure Trolley is capable of cleaning anything. It washes, it foams, it has the power to clean drains, chutes, floors (with floor cleaner), roofs, chillers and refrigeration units. It can even be connected to power a tub & crate washer. There is the option of adding time saving CIP spray bars and high-pressure rotors. If you would like to talk to one of the engineers about the Euro Pumps. -Read more


Euro Pumps FLX Wash FoamFLX Wash & Foam Trolley

Euro Pumps new FLX Wash & Foam system is an easy to use, cost effective wash & foaming system. It’s available as a single or dual user system with built-in compressed air foaming & many different wash down nozzles. The FLX wash & foam trolley boosts mains pressure to 16 bar and has a chemical injector that can mix from 1 to 3 chemicals. It's easy to use and the compact design will go through doors easily, is ideal for use in food and fish processing plants, dairies, abattoirs and breweries. A Complete System includes hoses & nozzles Single or dual user system Supplied with Electrical plugs to suit your factory, with adaptors available for multi location use Long life, Stainless chemical injector Able to mix 1-3 chemicals (model dependent) Low maintenance, with Australian support PLC upgrade available Available as mobile trolley or wall mount. - Read more

Euro Pumps Drain Cleaner
Heavy Duty Drain & Pipe Cleaners

Euro Pumps New heavy duty drain cleaner on a solid stainless frame, with locking handle, infeed swivel & ball valve shut off. It’s available in ½ and 1/4 inch in your choice of 25, 33, 50 75 & 100m lengths. - Read more