Abattoir Systems

Remember - You pay for each kilolitre of water 3 times - To buy it, To treat it & To dispose of it!

Euro Pumps have designed CIP cleaning systems specificall for Abattoir equipment, including Evisceration Tables, Head & Offal Pans, Plugging Tables, Shackle Belts, Boning Room Belts etc.

We have been blazing a trail in designing and implementing highly water efficient cleaning systems specifically for the meat processing industry.

Euro Pumps has many clients who have introduced these new efficient cleaning systems... and they are enjoying huge cost benefits due to the drastic reduction in water consumption.

There are also other associated benefits that come along with implementing the system. These extra benefits are things like:

  • lessening burden on water treatment ponds
  • reducing energy consumption due to heating less water
  • improved cleaning quality outcomes, which translates into reducing labour and chemical costs
  • improvement of daily microbial testing

It's a win, win, win, win, win!

The average result Euro Pumps has achieved to date for our clients has been a 60% reduction in water consumption on the equipment it was installed onto.

The best result we have posted to date is an 85% reduction in water consumption.

One thing is for certain, the cost of water isn't going to go down. A precious resource like water will continue to rise in cost, and we need to find ways to make sure we do not use this resource unnecessarily.

The beauty of installing a Euro Pumps system will guarantee you have a much healthier bottom line for your business!

Please call us on 0407 123 850 for an obligation free assessment of your facility. We will help you Save Water, Save Time, Save Money!

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