Spiral Freezer Belt Cleaner

The Euro Pumps Spiral Freezer Belt Cleaner  is fitted to spiral freezers to assist the factory standard CIP system and ensure that cleaning is as thorough as possible, even with difficult products such as greasy/fatty items or products that consist of small pieces that normally require very labour-intensive cleaning procedures.

A high-pressure rotor, fitted above the freezer belt, ensures rapid and thorough cleaning of the belt with minimal water usage — removing even small pieces of product which can stick to the belt and are difficult to dislodge using ordinary CIP methods.

Our freezer belt cleaning systems have the following benefits:

  • Reduction in cleaning time
  • Reduction in 'build up' due to ineffective cleaning
  • Clean the belt while at full operational speed
  • Clean often overlooked and hard-to-reach ‘smear’ residues
  • Maintain export standard hygiene levels.

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