Crate Washing Systems

Tub Washer Every Euro Pumps Washer is Different

Euro Pumps Crate Washing Systems are Australian Made and Custom Built to individual customer specifications.
We identify what you need out of a system, and then design around that, ensuring you get a fit for purpose system tailored for you.

Euro Pumps, We build the Tub Washer you need


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Dwnload Euro Pumps Tub Washer 2018 4 page BrochureSome of the key features and benefits that our systems offer are:

  • High Rate of Clean - Our systems are capable of cleaning up to 1200 tubs/ crates/ trays per hour
  • Highest Quality Clean - Making quality control simple, as the cleaning quality is very consistent
  • Labour savings - Drastically reducing the time it takes to carry out this cleaning task
  • Reducing Chemical and Water consumption
  • Automatic Sanitisation Function built in
  • One system can be designed to take several different size or shape tubs/ crates/ trays.
  • Custom Built - We can add or remove any function or specification required to suit your needs, giving total flexibility for our customer
  • Full Automation options available
  • Removal of Stickers as it is being cleaned
  • Australian Made  - Locally manufactued means that Service, Support and Parts are readily available

Creating a Tub Washer with the features you need

Our Crate Washing Systems are so efficient and effective, that they are cleaned with NO chemical, and in just ONE pass through the system.  At the heart of the system is a Euro Pumps Smart Pump. Each system is constructed entirely of Stainless Steel and are fitted with high quality components.  Our largest system is capable of cleaning tubs at a rate of approximately 1200 per hour. Should you not require that speed of throughput, we also offer other options that deliver either 400 or 700 tubs per hour..... or just let us know what you need and we will make it happen.

Tub Washer Washer Options


As part of purchasing our Tub & Crate Washing System we include a Full Training Program. Our team of skilled technicians provide all the necessary training and support to ensure that you get the best results from your crate washing system.

Please call Joanne Field today on 0409 123 850 for more information or an On Site Demonstration.

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