FLX Wash & Foam Trolley

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Euro Pumps new FLX Wash & Foam trolley is an easy to use, cost effective wash & foaming system.

It’s available as a single or dual user system with built-in compressed air foaming & many different wash down nozzles. The FLX wash & foam trolley boosts mains pressure to 16 bar and has a chemical injector that can mixfrom 1 to 3 chemicals.

It's easy to use and compact design will go through doors easily, is ideal for use in food and fish processing plants, dairies, abattoirs and breweries.

  • A Complete System that includes hoses & nozzles
  • Single or dual user system
  • Supplied with correct Electrical plugs to suit your factory, with adaptors available for multi location use
  • Long life, Stainless chemical injector
  • Able to mix 1-3 chemicals (model dependent)
  • Low maintenance, with Australian support
  • PLC upgrade available
  • Available as mobile trolley or wall mount

The Euro Pumps FLX wash & foam trolley is Australian made, with 3 week delivery, and like all Euro Pumps products has 24/7 support.

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