High Efficiency Hand Tools

Euro Pumps Professional Hi-Pressure grade cleaning tools are designed for time critical and export quality cleaning and proven in Abattoirs, small goods manufacturing, food processing plants, and sterile horticultural environments.

Because of the efficiency of the Euro Pumps professional hi-pressure grade cleaning tools when used with the Euro Pumps "SmartSense" pumps our clients enjoy a huge cost benefits due to the drastic reduction in water consumption. In fact the average result Euro Pumps has achieved to date for our clients has been a 60% reduction in water consumption on the equipment it was installed onto.

The best result we have posted to date is an 85% reduction in water consumption.

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Heavy duty 2 way cleaner (HD2WC)

Euro Pumps Heavy duty 2 way cleaner HD2WC

Introducing the revolutionary Europumps HD2WC heavy duty two way cleaner, a Professional Hi Pressure Cleaning Tool thats the easy the answer to many of your difficult cleaning problems.

Its two way action is ideal for difficult and hard to reach areas that are impossible to clean any other way. Great for cleaning under edges with limited bending required.

HD2WC is:

  • Very Operator friendly
  • Far less tedious than a scourer
  • Very fast cleaning

The euro pumps HD2WC heavy duty two way cleaner the perfect tool for hard to reach areas if you'd like to know more contact Europumps today.

FC 750 heavy duty floor cleaner

Euro Pumps FC 450px

Introducing the Europumps FC750 heavy duty floor cleaner a Professional grade Hi Pressure floor cleaner that cleans large areas quickly.

The Europumps FC750 is:

  • Very easy to use
  • Requires almost ZERO Training
  • Cleans large floor areas as easily as mowing a yard
  • Cuts through Grease, Dirt, and forklift rubber
  • and normally only requires one or two passes

the Europumps FC750 heavy duty floor cleaner is the easiest way to clean if you'd like to know more contact Europumps today.

Heavy duty 3 head turbo (HD3HT)

The euro pumps HD3HT the heavy duty 3 head turbo is a Professional Hi Pressure Cleaning Tool with 3 focused heads that allows an amazing water flow of up to 60 litres per minute 3 head design allows mauimum water flow guaranteeing a thorough wash.

Outputs up to 60 litres per minute ensuring removal of meat/flour/dirt very quickly.

The euro pumps HD3HT is the ultimate power scrubber HD3HT halves cleaning time at minimum gives a thorough wash.

The euro pumps HD3HT heavy duty 3 head turbo the ultimate power scrubber if you'd like to know more contact Europumps today.

Heavy duty 3way cleaner (HD3WC)

Introducing the Europumps HD3WC the Heavy duty 3 way cleaner a specialised professional Hi Pressure Cleaning Tool underneath equipment and around factory fixtures.

A unique cleaning tool that cleans in multiple directions at once significantly reducing cleaning time and effort and allows the operator to clean areas where other tools or hoses could not reach.

  • The HD3WC Heavy duty 3 way cleaner.
  • Cleans under edge and difficult areas in one pass.
  • 3 way cleaner has excellent balance reducing operator fatigue and is the Fastest way to remove bulk fat/tar in traditionally difficult areas.

If you'd like to know more about the Europumps HD3WC Heavy duty 3 way cleaner.

Roof cleaner long lance (RCLL)

Euro Pumps RCLL-RCSL 450px

Introducing the Europumps RCLL The long lance roof cleaner a piece of equipment so obvious you're think why haven't they thought of this before.

It's purpose designed for cleaning ceilings, air conditioning, aerial plant and lighting in situations that may not provide easy access or where plant disruption is not an option.

The Europumps RCLL removes mould and process waste from roofs with no chemicals required allows for a workplace safe application yet is suitable for higher roof areas and industrial cold rooms.

Heavy duty foam gun - short lance (HDFGSL) & long lance (HDFGLL)

Euro Pumps HDFGSL 450px

Introducing the Europumps HDFGLL and HDFGSL Heavy duty foam guns available in either long or short lance.

The short lance Ideal for greater maneuverability in tight places and confined areas around plant and equipment, while the long lance give added reach but no matter what ever tool you choose there's difference in foam application.

The Europumps Heavy duty foam guns:

  • Foam up in seconds
  • Use very little soap
  • Give a very thorough foam application
  • The long lance allows access high areas without a problem
  • While the short lance is ideal for tight spaces
Euro Pumps HDFGLL 450px

No matter weather you choose the Europumps HDFGSL short or the HDFGLL long there's no difference in foam application and output of these if you'd like to know more contact Europumps today.

DC Drain cleaner

Euro Pumps DC 450px

Introducing the Europumps DC Drain cleaner the ideal way to unblock drains in minutes

  • Very operator friendly
  • Sucks itself down the line & then pull back & roll up

PC Pipe/tube cleaner

Euro Pumps PC 450px

Introducing the Europumps PC Pipe/tube cleaner

  • The fastest way to clean the internal walls of your pipework
  • Reduces the risk of pipes blocking up with fat earlier than normal

The major advantage of using the Pipe/tube cleaner over chemical cleaning, brush cleaning, and conventional methods is No wires or cables, just a hi pressure water, never spend time or money on replacement flex shafts or cables again.

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