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Save Over 250KL of Water Per Day

Yes over 250kl a day is A LOT of water but, a single Euro Pumps CIP system worldwide typically achieves this efficiency day in and day out. Add Euro Pumps multi-tasking stations and you could save considerably more.  Euro Pumps systems have been Independently client verified repeatedly with water assessments reporting water savings of 250KL per day or better at abattoirs, small goods manufacturing and food processing plants throughout Australia.

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And as you know lower water input costs, translate directly to lower plant overhead costs. The Euro Pumps systems unique and super-efficient design further improves cleaning quality, reduces or eliminates labour, lowers chemical costs and improves microbial testing. Euro Pumps CIP High efficiency concepts were borne from our own need to establish a smarter, faster and more efficient ways of carrying out the cleaning process, whilst lifting hygiene standards and reducing chemical usage through our unique design and system programing.

Euro Pumps has 20 years of cleaning experience and manufacturing of cleaning systems & CIP’S for the food processing industry. Our continued growth is achieved through constant research and development on all areas of our cleaning systems, which have been developed by years of first-hand experience both on the factory floor and as consultants.

Euro Pumps produce a wide range of effective CIP Systems

  • Evisceration Table CIP for both large and small stock
  • Tub & Crate Washing systems with a wide range of optional extras
  • Plugging Table, Landing Table and Offal Pan CIP for both large and small stock
  • Contra Shear CIP with multi-tasking options like truck and plant wash down
  • JUPITER Central Plant Cleaning System, that is a major improvement on current systems, offering consistent water pressure, central or local chemical and sanitising distribution options, fast changeover between the wide range of Euro Pumps wash tools and accessories with the ability to run at up to 82c in sync with your plant.

A JUPITER CIP system can be integrated during production, AND then be used to power the cleaning cycle, lowering water usages further. The Euro Pumps JUPITER solution, solves many of the standard issues with Low-pressure cleaning and foaming systems, it eliminates sagging water pressure, pump trips and faults & unreliability. Your JUPITER Central Plant Cleaning System will rinse, foam, disinfect and wash providing you with all the functions you need in one system.

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Euro Pumps provides custom designed solutions based on proven cleaning principles, along with ongoing and continuous improvement to Euro Pumps design, construction, software, service, training and support ensuring that our clients get world leading solutions.

All Euro Pump’s systems are backed by full support with onsite & video training, training documents and maintenance support, personalised contact with your company (maintenance/control room) & our Zero Downtime maintenance plan. We are here to assist you 24/7 with whatever your requirements whether you need our technicians, parts, knowledge or advice on the phone anytime of the day or night.

Because we design, manufacture and install, whatever solution we come up with for you, it will be followed through from concept to commissioning by the same dedicated team at Euro Pumps. This enables our in-house engineers to provide custom-built solutions that clean to AQIS and export standards, while optimising water, power, and chemical savings, reducing the size of cleaning crews and increasing productivity by minimising cleaning time between production runs.

If you would like an on-site water assessment & water use recommendation report, contact our Products development manager Jo Field Euro Pumps on 0409123850 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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