Cleaning Process Improvement Consultation

Let Euro Pumps cast our highly experienced eye over your facilities cleaning program and operations.

Underpinned by our 20 years' experience in cleaning food processing facilities, and having developed the most water, time and chemical efficient cleaning program available, Euro Pumps has a very solid base to be able to assess, evaluate, scrutinise and identify areas of process improvement across all aspects of a cleaning program..... We can pass on our knowledge and efficient processes to your cleaning team.

Our process improvement program includes coming to site for a minimum of 2 cleaning shifts. This allows us to fully assess the existing program, understanding and measuring the water usage and chemical usage, as well as the labour units being used on each task throughout the facility.

We then collate a detailed proposal for identified efficiency gains, and for general process improvement. The next step is taking this assessment through from the planning and proposal stage to the Implementation & Training stage, where Euro Pumps will attend site for the required time to implement the appropriate and agreed changes that will deliver efficiency gains.

It is sound business practice to regularly evaluate processes, to confirm that maximum efficiencies are being gained..... We will help you do this, as well as ensuring that you have the highest standard of cleaning quality outcomes!

Please call us today for an Assessment on 0407 123 850.

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